In February 2020, we launched our plan of attack against racism and discrimination in football: 'Our football belongs to everyone – together we eliminate racism and discrimination'. Together with many parties, we are committed to a concrete and national approach for both amateur and professional football. With the following pillars: prevention, signaling and sanctioning.

The racist statements directed at Excelsior player Ahmad Mendes Moreira during the FC Den Bosch – Excelsior match on November 17, 2019, once again made it painfully clear that racism also continues to surface in Dutch football. But that has no place at all in the connecting world that football offers.

At the same time, it gives hope that so many people expressed their horror. A terrible incident that causes the hands to be joined. To make it clear together: we do not accept racism and discrimination. Not on the street, not at work, not at school and certainly not on our football field. Our football belongs to everyone.

The KNVB, Eredivisie, Kitchen Champion Division have worked hard together with the national government to arrive at a concrete and national approach for both amateur and professional football. This long-term plan contains more than 20 components, divided into three mutually reinforcing pillars: prevention, identification and sanctioning. With this we lay a foundation for an effective approach throughout football.