Football connects people all over the world. Differences do not matter because all football players and football fans have at least one thing in common: the love of football. With the OneLove campaign, football shows that we are in favor of connection and therefore against all forms of discrimination. The colors of the OneLove logo symbolize race and origin (red/black/green) and all gender identities and sexual orientations (pink/yellow/blue). 'Football has the power to unite people' is inspired by a quote from Nelson Mandela, who was not only a legendary freedom fighter, but also a great football fan.

This campaign kicked off on September 26, 2020 with an open letter  signed by more than 60 parties and clubs in football. Since then, the Dutch national team and the OranjeLeeuwinnen have embraced OneLove. At every level, from professional football to the amateurs, captains have played with the OneLove band because the captain is a role model at every level. The Dutch OneLove campaign has now also been adopted abroad. Look for the news about OneLove on this page.

OneLove is one of the twenty parts of the plan of attack against racism and discrimination in football:  Our football belongs to everyone .